So it begins…

You may say that I’ve found in Orienteering my true sports. I’ve been an orienteer for many years now, but it was only in 2017 that this passion joined another one that I also have for a long while: travelling!

That year I took flight (literally) from the island where I live and started visiting European cities with a whole new purpose: Urban Orienteering.

19237952_10211429573089524_5105622889678220475_o2017 and 2018 where great years with a bunch of journeys, getting to know new and exciting locations, running orienteering races, finding new friends and loving every minute of it. So, this year, I decided to let you in all my upcoming and also past travels and the big and small stuff that revolves around these experiences.

So come and follow my orienteering and travelling side of life and get inspired to do the same and meet me somewhere around the world!

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  1. Cátia says:

    Excelente iniciativa! Nada como seguirmos aquilo que somos e o que gostamos. 😽

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