Orienteering 3711 (??)

“3711? Where did that come from?”, someone asked me once.

It’s pretty simple actually. 3711 is my registry number from the Portuguese Orienteering Federation. Can’t get a simpler choice than that, right? No brainer there…

cropped-3711logo.pngI came up with the name “Orienteering 3711” and this logo with a backgroung map and course, a couple of years ago, when I began my City Races campaign in 2017 and started exploring (I would say) new frontiers, leaving my comfort zone and taking on some beautiful European cities. Back then I created my Facebook page and journaled my first races in mainland Portugal and across Europe. I guess that was when it all started for me and became addicted to these travelling adventures. You can check out those back logs if you want (link above and here) but I will get back to some of those experiences in following posts.

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