Porto City Race

What a great orienteering weekend in Porto!

Despite a weather prediction that would have put some rain right on top of orienteers on Saturday morning, fortunately those very light showers occurred a bit earlier and weren’t felt during the race. Sunday was such a beautiful sunny day and perfect for the event!

Post 6.1 - 201905This year, only the Friday night race was held in the historic center of Porto. The Saturday and Sunday races took place on the east side of the city, at Lagarteiro and Bonjoia, respectively.

With over 900 entries from 18 countries, this was another success from GD4C, as it has been in the past years. Porto is a great and beautiful city and people just love it so much that they just keep coming back to its City Race! Which they should…

For me the weekend was kind of a mix. I didn’t run the Friday night event and the Saturday sprint didn’t go so well, with a few mistakes pulling me down the leaderboard for the Men’s Veteran I class. 

On Sunday, the event grounds were at Quinta da Bonjoia, a stunning property with beautiful gardens and an unfinished palais from the XVIII century, left in ruins by the passage of time and renovated in the late XX century by the Porto municipality.

In this City Race, which is the first stage of this year’s City Race Euro Tour, I had a very good runPost 6.2 - 201905 with no major mistakes (maybe one or two not so good route choices), but at the end almost finishing with a missing point (had that unfortunate outcome two years back…). Was almost skipping the control before the last one but managed to correct it before it was too late. However, this little mishap put me out of the top10 final score, finishing in 12th position in my class.

But that was a better finish than a missing point so, all in all, this was a great City Race for me. And Porto always makes me want to come back for more, so we will see next year…

Check out the final results here.

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