Transportation, to rent or not to rent

Living in an island in the middle of the Atlantic means that all my trips start with an airplane, so I don’t have the possibility (I was going to say luxury…) to bring my own car a go on a road trip to my next orienteering event.

I know many of you are going “yeah right, like that’s a brilliant idea”.

Maybe not, but since I love driving, yes, I’d probably consider that option now and then depending on time and distance. Not being possible, other options must come into play when preparing my travels. And it all depends on final destination, naturally.

For instance, if it’s a City Race in Barcelona, London or Rome, a train, subway or shuttle bus into the city are my preferred options. The idea of bringing a car into one of those cities, driving around and finding a parking spot is only perfect it you are a masochist! Or if you really know the city and all its perfect nooks and crannies, which is never my case.

In this kind of situation everything comes into consideration, from event location and timing, hotel location (which is also determined by these variables), time of arrival and departure from airport and available transportation options to get me there and back in a reasonable amount of time.

And then, if all else fails (and unfortunately it does more often than I’d prefer) I rent a car. Mind you that despite loving to drive as I said before, renting a car is never my first choice, but it really tends to be the most common one. In the end I really don’t mind and it’s not an option that dreads me.

All my travel arrangements are usually made a few (to quite a few sometimes) months in advance so that I can try and find the best and cheapest deals and that includes car rentals, when that decision is made.

Post 11.3For all my car rental I turn to Auto Europe which is by far the best car rental search engine and it also has some exclusive deals with rental companies that allows me to find better prices than if I go directly to the rental website! And with great discounts too!

I just type in the necessary information, such as destination, pick up and return locations (if different), dates and times for both and click search. From there I pick the car class and rental company that I prefer (past history also has one or two things to say here…). The entire process takes from 2 to 5 minutes and I’m all set.

If you’re like me, a car rental is a means to get from point A to point B, so I don’t usually spend much time deciding what car I want. Being that usually I am traveling alone or with my significant other when going to an orienteering event, I always go with the more economic option. I do have to say that distance of travel sometimes is an issue that would make me consider a higher and more comfortable class, but that rarely happens since I am already trying to fly in as close as possible, right?

So normally, I’m arriving to an event with the tiniest car possible and some of my orienteering friends have a laugh about this and I’m getting known for it too. 😉

Doesn’t really bother me… just getting from A to B, remember?

If you are considering a rental for your next trip, click below and check out Auto Europe’s quotes. You always have a 48h cancelation policy and full refund, so I usually do a neat special trick: I rent way in advance and keep checking regularly if the price has improved by making a new reservation for the same dates, times and location. If it’s a better deal, I pay the new reservation and cancel the old and that payment is put back on my credit card! This has worked for me for a few years now! Click below and keep on clicking for your next car rent!

Auto Europe Car Rentals

Check out this and other resources I use for my traveling and orienteering. This page is frequently updated so be sure to keep checking it out. Some may come in handy to you.

Disclosure statement: When you click on the links above, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you, when you buy. It’s the way those businesses say thanks for spreading the word. And I thank you for helping me with this!

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