A trip is a trip

To this day, and during the course of my life, I’ve visited so far 24 countries (after a memory pre-check for this post). More than half were European countries, but a bit all over the world. Have no idea how many miles I’ve roamed, by air, ground or water, but I would say quite a few!

And even though going on a new journey is something that’s familiar to me, every trip is a new excitement… something new will happen, even if it’s a work-related trip and not one intended for fun and recreation.

I’m writing these lines as I’m travelling to Angola for work and, although it’s not my preferred travel destination (I was born there so I’m allowed to say these things…), there is some excitement to start a new journey, see new things and meet new people.

I know there’s a lot of people out there that travel way more than I do as sure as there’s another lot that travels less. Some will relate, some will not.

A trip is a trip and no matter if you’re going by air, land or water, on a car, a train or a submarine (eheheh… had to put that in and I’m sure most of you imagined a yellow one!), you should feel excited! You are breaking a bit (or a lot) out of your box, leaving behind your familiar places to see other locations, sometimes for the first time, but even if it’s your 100th to that same destination, don’t deny that curiosity and embrace it. There is always something new, something different to experience.

For instance, this is my 3rd trip to Angola and it has always been for work. As I said above, I was born there, but came to live in Portugal when I was 3, so there are no memories from back then. In fact, I never felt it as my home country. Despite that, and although all my trips there have been to stay mostly inside an office, there is a sense of adventure that is always present.

Post 14.2I think that is the feeling… I would even say the drug, the fix… that makes me (maybe all of us) love to travel, and mostly doesn’t matter the reason that made us go.

So enjoy every minute of your next journey or if you’re travelling right now, I hope you’re having a great time!

Post 14.3Remember that as you leave that plane, train or submarine (yeah, I saw that smirk…) it’s adventure time and something will take your breath away or at least leave a lasting memory.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Guy Goodair says:

    Have a good trip Sandos

    regards Guy


    1. Thanks, Guy. See you soon in Graz!


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