Flowers for the Shadows

a text by Linda Verbraken,

Have you ever wondered why flowers are handed out to those athletes on the podia?

Is there a possibility that Interflora’s sponsoring all sports? Maybe it’s to make fatigued sportsmen look better or to cover up the sweaty smell. Ballet dancers used to get flowers and money thrown at them because they get paid so little, maybe that’s it?ULIQV6UOAUI6PHCTNILJX2YJKM

But after an effort where one becomes first, second or third … shouldn’t there be a six-pack of beers, shaving foam or wet wipes? Search for an answer on the internet and the only thing you’ll find is where and how to buy all kind of ceremonial flower arrangements on earth.

So…as there is no obvious reason, I’ll give you one: Flowers given on the podium are a very small reward, not for the incredibly good performers, but for those who are taking care of them. This could be a mother,  father,  wife,  boyfriend,  grandmother, … that person who loves the athlete unconditionally. The person that turns at least 200 machines of dirty clothes and prepares more than 1000 meals a year, goes to bed early and gets up in the middle of the night because the whole entourage has to be at the other side of the country or continent an hour before starting time. It’s the one who copes with the mood swings and disappointments, failure and fatigue of the talent they’re taking the best of care of. Also the one that cries at a win. They are the base of the statue!

Now that you have been given a reason for flower ceremonies, don’t hesitate to get a lovely bouquet for the person in your shadow and don’t wait until you’re on the podium because you never know when that’s going to be.

A matter of fact: Go out right now and buy the most beautiful bunch everrrrr!

P.S. Not speaking for myself but for all the lovely people who are never spoken of and mean so much in the competitive world of gain and loss.

Guest post: Guests are invited to write a text regarding orienteering, travelling or any other subject that may relate to them. Besides an occasional tweak, correction or adjustment, text will stay as original as received.

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  1. lingar53 says:

    I know that it is customary to hand flowers to the winner or to someone that you admire from a far. It is a tradition that has long since taken a hold in our country. I for one gave flowers to the person who arranged a dance recital for the college I went to, needless to say it something that should happen. I not sure if this article said it but I saw Ice skaters recieve flowers and stuffed bears thrown on the ice as they skated around after their preformance, it is call appreciation of fans and admires. I enjoyed this brief read.

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