Rome, forever city

I could talk about another fantastic orienteering weekend that happened in the first three days of November 2019 in Rome, but this was a weekend so much greater than that!

Don’t get me wrong, the event itself was really fun, with great organizers, interesting courses and perfect locations for all three days.

However, if you let it, Rome puts you in awe and all else fades.


The tons of history from several millennia that you find in this city takes center stage and makes you wonder how such marvels were built and still stand.

In this trip a friend asked: “how come we don’t see buildings as magnificent as these being built anymore?” It’s a simple question that could be answered by reading history books of seeing documentaries, surely. But as you roam through this metropolis, it seems that after every corner there’s another treasure to be discovered and, truly, the mind wanders.

The best way to see it and be amazed (for me at least) is by night…The night lights create in some of the historical sites, ruins and buildings such a dramatic effect that you cannot see it with a camera but needs to be felt just by standing and watching by yourself and in silence. You can sometimes imagine the ghosts of old passing those same steps, columns and arches as you are.


I won’t specify any building, any ruin or any temple because there are so many, with so much history attached that each person has their favorite and frankly, even after a few trips to Rome, I haven’t seen all of them and all the little special places and fantastic views that some present. You can even look through a famous keyhole in Rome and have a view that seems like a postcard!

I leave you to discover for yourself this eternal city.

PS: Don’t forget to add to all of this, pizzas and gelatti! It’s just too much! 😊

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