Sandro Rodrigues

Urban Orienteering is my passion and traveling to new and unknown locations to run in a new event or going back to some city or country that I loved is what drives me!

The butterflies build up in my stomach till the start of the race, but as soon as I pick up that map and start off to the first check point, the focus sets in and it’s all about reading a map and running it as fast as I possibly can.

Working in IT for over 25 years (still my first job!) and having traveled a bit in almost every continent I had the chance in 2017 to put together the love for traveling with the love for orienteering, which has allowed me to take both to different levels of satisfaction.

My life began in 1971 in Luanda, Angola. At the time it was still Portuguese territory. There was an on-going war for independence in Angola, so my family had to run back to Portugal, establishing in Madeira Island, where my father was born. The year was 1975.

Lived all my life on the island, leaving only for short vacations, mostly to the Portuguese mainland during my young and teen years.

After finishing high school, in the early ‘90s, and having no intention in pursuing a college degree, took on an IT/Programming course that eventually led me to my first and current job.

Through the years I moved a few steps up the company ladder, passions have come and gone, as has a marriage with no kids but that did leave me with a true friend, one that will remain for life, despite us not being a couple any more.

Now I share a home with a wonderful partner and with all our cats and dogs (our sons and daughters), which are actually the hardest part about traveling, when we leave them behind, but we’re all managing ok!